Exposure Visits to St. Martin’s Community College

Groups of farmers, students and agricultural officers from Pathanamthitta, Kottayam and Idukki districts have visited the college and its units at Nallathanny.

Asianet Television Programme
Asianet, one of the leading channels in Kerala, in association with the Agriculture Department of the Government broadcasted a programme on the different activities of St. Martin’s Community College and its agricultural endeavours. It demonstrated to lakhs of channel viewers how our community-based activities promote organic farming and vegetable production. Our herbal as well as vegetable gardens and the various activities of the farmers’ club were specially highlighted in the programme. We have been getting frequent telephone calls of appreciation and different enquiries from several parts of Kerala. We have already made a request to the concerned authority to send us a copy of the telecasted programme which will be sent to you in due course.

K P M C Transports
We have been gifted with a 33-seater Eicher Skyline staff bus which proved helpful for the several exposure visits during different training programmes. These government-assisted training programmes have recently been stopped by the concerned departments. Even then the bus is not lying idle; we now have a joint operation of the bus with another organisation of the diocese. We take this opportunity to thank the benefactor for providing such a facility for the College.

Exposure Visit of Power Vision Channel crew members
An exposure visit of Power Vision channel crew members was conducted to St. Martin’s Community College by the Asst. Director of Agriculture on 16th May 2014. As many as 50 members attended the meeting. They examined the facilities available at the College and vowed to arrange farmers’ training programmes as well as exposure visits to the College.

Exposure visits from parishes
Under the leadership of their parish priests several people visited the College during the year under review. They conducted review meetings and visited our farm units. All of them appreciated the soil and water conservation measures carried out on our land under the aegis of the Trust.

Training in Zero-Budget Farming:
The training in zero-budget farming for the farmers of the Peruvanthanam Panchayath was organized on 20th March 2015. Mr. Varghese, Asst. Agricultural Officer, Peruvanthanam Panchayath, led the classes. About 40 farmers attended this programme. For this purpose farmers are urged to promote indigenous cow breeds which will produce enough micro organisms for high-yielding varieties of crops.

Exposure visit from schools
A group of 50 selected school students from Mundakayam Block visited our College and farm units on 23rd December 2014. All of them, new to this terrain, were impressed by the cool climate of the place. During their stay they also attended classes on motivation and leadership arranged by the College.