Training Programmes

Orientation Meeting : On 2nd October 2014 an orientation meeting of SHG leaders was conducted at the College, attended by 50 farmers. The main aim of the meeting was to provide a bird’s eye-view of the Community College and its activities. The meeting also looked into the possibilities of how affiliated self-help groups can be supported by the College in their endeavours. The meeting insisted on the need of forming self-help groups in particular Panchayaths. The Director of the Community College elaborated the new endeavours of the Trust, especially the establishment of a new eco-shop and seedlings nursery which will be a great boost for the farmers of the Panchayath. This will definitely accelerate changes in the socio-economic conditions of the farmers of these panchayaths.

Training in Modern Cow-Breeding Techniques : A 1-day training programme on modern cow-breeding techniques was organised on 24th October 2014. The programme was attended by 30 farmers from Mundakayam Panchayth. The training was conducted with support from CP Foods, Bangalore. The lecture was delivered by well-known nutritionist Dr. Chennai Gowda and Mr. Jijo from Trichur. The subjects covered included: modern cattle breeding techniques and nutritional value of food to the livestock needed for particular weight, etc.

Training on Value-Added Products from Milk : A 1-day training on Value-Added Products from Milk was conducted on 24th November 2014. The programme was attended by 15 SHG members from Peermade Block. The classes were led by Mr. Jacob George and Mrs. Shimja from the Dairy Department of Kerala. The main practical sessions in these classes dealt with value-added products from milk like making ice-cream and other home-made products, etc.

Training in Terrace Cultivation : Taking advantage of the sloppy landscape of Nallathanny it is advisable to encourage terrace as well as sloppy land cultivation in this area. In this context we thought of the possibility of extending the soil area which led to a training session in terrace cultivation. This training was conducted on 19th February 2015 and was attended by 25 farmers. Mr. Biju, Asst. Director of Agriculture, Pampadumpara Panchayath, held classes on different aspects of terrace farming. Along with his lecture he demonstrated a model of terrace cultivation which made it easy for the farmers to access this field. Even a recycle sack/bin can be used to create a vegetable garden and through it we can produce enough fresh vegetables for the use of our families.

Training in Zero-Budget Farming: The training in zero-budget farming for the farmers of the Peruvanthanam Panchayath was organized on 20th March 2015. Mr. Varghese, Asst. Agricultural Officer, Peruvanthanam Panchayath, led the classes. About 40 farmers attended this programme. For this purpose farmers are urged to promote indigenous cow breeds which will produce enough micro organisms for high-yielding varieties of crops.

Orchard Training: To maximize production, the Community College has planned to cultivate new fruit plants like passion fruit, guava, orange and mangosteen, etc. on the college campus. We are encouraging our farmers to follow the model and training is given to follow our path.

Community Nursery for Seedling Production: Sanction has been accorded for undertaking Community Pot-Tray Nursery in an area of 500m2 for vegetable seedling production under the Rashtriya Krishi Vijnan Yojana (RKVY), a scheme of the National Horticulture Mission. This year we constructed one tubular green house where the seedling production for the next planting season will be carried out.

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